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Not a question of how much money B.C. government has, but who gets it

In Ian Tribes’ letter of Oct. 25, he pointed out that the provincial government has no shortage of money. Hundreds of thousands and even millions can be paid to political appointments in government, Hydro, B.C. Rail, B.C. Pavilion, etc., but that is not all of the foolishness.

There was no compromise on the type of roof for B.C. Place or the replacement of seats or the new synthetic turf. Politicians have lots of money to throw around the province along with a herd of bureaucrats to cut ribbons and credit themselves for spending the taxpayers’ money. How many ways can you remember of over-the-top spending?

This river of money flows from places that might not be familiar to you. Our school district and city governments in the North Okanagan pay more than $4 million a year in provincial carbon tax. This tax disappears to Victoria to save the planet. Our gasoline taxes are one of the highest in Canada. Where am I going with all this?

If there is no shortage of money, then why does our Vernon hospital appear like a field hospital with people lying on stretchers and endless code purple? It is not a question of enough money but who gets the money. When I am sick and lying in a hall closet and hoping that the door doesn’t get closed and I am forgotten about, will I remember Mr. Fosters’s concern about hospital funding?

Results are what counts, not endless talking and activity. If the Liberals can’t find the money for basic health care, then maybe it is time to find another party that can rearrange the government priorities.


Doug Perkins, Vernon



Vernon Morning Star

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