Confusion in Prince Rupert over moving the dead from residential homes to the Prince Rupert Regional Hospital where the morgue is based. (The Northern View photo)

In Our Opinion: Body removal debacle

The shocking lack of communication over transferring the dead in Prince Rupert

Any person with a comment, e-mail or phone call with even the smallest negativity directed at Ferguson Funeral Home for the body removal debacle currently taking place in Prince Rupert, needs to re-read our story on Page 3 again and again until they get it.

This is solely the bureaucratic insensitivity and idiocy that runs rampant in our neck of the woods.

While Ferguson did provide the service, more than a year ago, they informed the powers-that-be they were no longer able. Correctly and rightfully so.

Two Prince Rupert families, just in January, were basically told by the BC Emergency Services, Northern Health and the Ministry of Health to basically pack up grandpa and take him over to the morgue themselves.

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When called on the carpet by The Northern View, apparently somebody had finally got the message.

“We are currently fulfilling that role on an interim basis in Prince Rupert where it is our understanding there are no readily available transport services for the deceased,” said Shannon Miller, communications officer with BC Emergency Health Services.

“This is a temporary measure until Northern Health is able to establish with the Ministry of Health, BC Coroner and local funeral services a permanent option.”

Isn’t that wonderful. Now, a little common sense.

Common sense that should have been performed before at least two families in grief were treated so callously and unreasonably.

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