‘Improved’ Old Yale would become a speedway

Editor: I have been a resident of Murrayville for over 20 years. My dog and I walk or cycle down Old Yale Road every day.  We do so because it is a more serene and generally safer road to be a pedestrian or cyclist on.

I am not alone — many people walk this route. The deteriorating road condition encourages motorists to drive more slowly than they will if the road is improved.  Even so, most drivers exceed the speed limit by at least 10 – 15 kilometres per hour. In addition, these same motorists generally do not slow down going through the school zone in front of the Montessori School.

I would encourage the Heritage Committee of the Township, and Township Council to leave the road as it is — a bit of rural serenity amid the local highways and arterial roads that aren’t as pedestrian-friendly.

If this road is ‘improved’ by repaving, I foresee a new speedway coming to Langley.

Valerie Caskey


Langley Times