Immature drivers

Heads up to the car events. They are becoming dangerous and it is just a matter of time until someone is seriously hurt or killed.

There are two classic car cruise events held in the Parksville and Qualicum area every year. The first one is in June during the Father’s Day weekend car show and then the other one is during the August long weekend car show.

They both go right down Sunrise Drive in Qualicum Beach in front of our home. This letter is a heads up to the groups that organize these events. They are becoming dangerous and it is just a matter of time when someone on the sidewalk or in another car going the opposite way is seriously hurt or killed.

There are immature individuals along the way and very immature drivers that think it is entertaining for us to see them lock up their brake lines and lay rubber all over the pavement.

The burnt rubber is awful and the cars are so locked up they go from side to side and are close to out of control. I am not complaining about just one or two cars — it was at least a couple of dozen this time. It is my understanding from talking to others here and in Parksville that the same thing is going on all around the route.

It is time that someone controls these cruises or there will be a price to pay. If that someone is not the RCMP and the organizers, then maybe they should just be stopped.

We used to love sitting on our driveway to watch all the beautiful cars go by but that is all gone now. It is dangerous. The owners of these cars spend thousands of dollars and countless hours on them and it sure beats me why they would care to put everything at risk just to make a few immature citizens happy.

Margaret AlbertQualicum Beach

Parksville Qualicum Beach News