Hunt for moose calves and mothers wrong

Donna Barnett's regular column for the 100 Mile Free Press

As moose numbers continue to dwindle in the province, the government has shown poor judgement in their decision to increase hunting of cow and calf moose at a time when their population needs protection more than ever.

This decision is sure to inflict more harm to an already struggling population. Members of the Cariboo Chilcotin – with support of nearly 30 First Nations – have been rallying for five years to shut down the hunt of antlerless moose, and have been left frustrated and reeling by the provincial government’s move to do just the opposite.

Predation of this population by wolves, bears, and cougars has already increased as a result of habitat loss from the wildfires in 2017 and 2018, and this decision is only making matters worse.

This is not an issue against hunting – hunters and nonhunters alike agree that increasing the threat to this unstable population will create long-term problems. This is an issue of responsible management of wildlife and requires action from our provincial government to reverse their decision before it is too late.

For now, the people of the Cariboo Chilcotin will continue to push for proper protection of the population and challenge the government’s wrongful decision by supporting the Cow Moose Sign campaign. This campaign raises awareness of the vulnerability of this population while discouraging the hunt of cow moose in common hunting areas throughout the province.

I certainly hope that the government will hear our pleas to put a stop to this immediately and correct their mistakes.

100 Mile House Free Press

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