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Humanity losing the battle against climate change

Social co-operation is only way to reach United Nations Sustainable Development goals


The struggle to keep humanity below 2.0C at COP 23, in Bonn Germany, expresses a deficiency of social feeling and social co-operation.

The world committed half of what is needed to stay below 2.0C.

Dire warnings of 15,000 scientists around the world are being made real.

Runaway global warming is to be our fate. Humanity can still strive for human decency by evolving an ideal global human community.

Seventeen United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG) achieved by 2030 is humanity’s last chance for social ideals globally. Possible is a world of equality, justice, and peace. This is doable.

All human progress, without knowing how to live in peace, justice, and equality with each other, is worthless.

Some 15,000 scientist’s 2017 “Letter to Humanity” enlightens us clearly. We are destroying the planet’s ecosystem we all depend on for decent human survival.

Their gift to each of us includes 13 suggested steps to avert global climate disaster.

Ayn Rand’s The Virtue of Selfishness turned vice into virtue and virtue into vice; ultra-right’s credo.

When we speak of virtue, we mean each person contributing their share for the whole. When we speak of vice, we mean selfish obstruction of social cooperation.

Rand is a social failure because she denigrated social feeling and social co-operation necessary for social survival. Elevating selfishness leads to social destruction. Be “One for All and All for One” opposed to “Every Man for Himself.”

From COP 1 to COP 23, we witnessed failure to keep global temperature from passing 1.5C. We witnessed failure to stay below humanity’s red line.

COP 24 in Poland, 2018, will be where anti-social obstruction for social co-operation persists.

For human decency, it is crucial that we each know confidently, the 17 UNSDG’s achievable by 2030 with social feeling and social co-operation unobstructed.

Herb Nakada

Williams Lake

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