HUGS & SLUGS: Snow brings out the love and scorn

It's all about the white stuff for readers this week.

Snow dominated this week's Hugs and Slugs.

Snow dominated this week's Hugs and Slugs.

SLUGS to those people that don’t follow residential street parking etiquette during winter.

HUGS to the City of Nelson front end loader operator who helped us out of a “stuck” situation the other day, going beyond what people expect of you.

HUGS to the many folk who did an incredible job helping me free my car from the ditch on Whitewater road on Thursday.

HUGS the city of Nelson public works department for its prompt and thorough job clearing our streets during and in the wake of the recent record-breaking snowfall. I also appreciate the frequent detailed reports on social media of the status of the process.

SLUGS to city council for voting to triple the price of seniors’ monthly parking passes.

HUGS to the country mechanic that replaced my non-functioning day-old starter when I was stranded over Christmas.

HUGS to all the lonely people who had to endure Valentine’s Day.

HUGS to the neighbour boy with a big smile that has been clearing snow from our alley in upper Fairview for several years.

HUGS to the young man who came, late at night after the storm on Feb. 6, and shoveled my entire sidewalk and dug my car out of the snow.

SLUGS to Nelson’s city council who agreed, in all their wisdom, to increase the cost of the senior’s parking pass from $30 to $90 annually.

HUGS to all of the city workers who have gone above and beyond to help out with this winter. The snow levels have been unreal.

SLUGS to all the houses that don’t shovel their part of the sidewalk or put salt own on the ice.

HUGS to transit drivers who are driving safe this winter.

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