Hugs defeat Slugs 7-5 this week

Hugs defeat Slugs 7-5 this week

HUGS: To the man who found our bill book and returned it safely with all of its contents! You are very much appreciated!

HUGS: To the man who found our bill book and returned it safely with all of its contents! You are very much appreciated!

HUGS: A big hug to the kind man who donated his colourful canoe to our non-profit organization. We really appreciate it!

SLUGS: To the people who mistakenly took our basketball hoop stand off of our boulevard. My son and I still use it. It was not free to take. I would like to issue a hug!

HUGS: A huge hug and heartfelt thanks to the person who found my wedding ring and to the business for the wonderfully unique way of returning it to me. Your kindnesses will not be forgotten. – A very grateful shopper

HUGS: My thanks to a local pharmacist. At suppertime I realized I had left my meds at home in Kelowna. Thirty minutes before store closing he got the list of my meds and put them together by a little after closing time. All was well. Many thanks again.

HUGS: A great big hug to Castlegar Sculpturewalk 2014. It’s a wonderful concept and we enjoyed an afternoon viewing all the different entries and voting on our favourite. It was a difficult choice. Thanks to the City of Nelson for leasing some of their past entries.

SLUGS: To the self-absorbed people that speed in the residential areas of Nelson. The speed limit is 40 km/h unless otherwise marked. If you are going 60, 80, or even faster you really need to rethink your behaviour. People live on these streets you are speeding through.

SLUGS: To the “sailor” who helped himself to private moorage, damaged my dock and left his garbage hanging from our railing. Make everyone happy and get rid of your sailboat. You have no business being on the water and are a disgrace to all the other pleasure craft operators.

HUGS: To the nice man who called in a lightning strike that hit our log yard, and reported it to the fire department. Also a lot of hugs to the three fire departments that responded and helped put out the fire, and another hug to a great brother-in-law for moving the logs away from the fire. To all a very big hug.

SLUGS: Big huge slugs to the person or persons that took the angel from under the bridge. That was placed there because that was where my son passed away. Shame on you! Please put it back where you found it or turn it in to the RCMP station. Maybe then your karma will be restored. – Heartbroken mother

SLUGS: A big fat slimy slug to the person who stole my grandson’s brand new white and blue balance bike from his front porch where he plays. He loved that bike and we had a hard time finding one like it! Now he has nothing to ride and it breaks my heart. If you could just see how sad he is, I’m sure it would break your heart too. That is, if you even have one. – Broken hearted

HUGS: A very warm hug to the lovely young lady who suddenly appeared beside me when we were sitting at a table near a local grocery store and said to my wife “You don’t know me, but your boyfriend is so cute!” Then she proceeded to plant a big warm kiss on my surprised cheek! Then she disappeared as fast as she had arrived. What a great way to brighten the day of this 86-year-old! – Still smiling

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