Hugs and Slugs, heading into mid-summer

Hugs and Slugs, heading into mid-summer

Hugs: To good friends that know you need to stand beside friends in pain. I hope you always find someone good by your side.

Hugs: To good friends that know you need to stand beside friends in pain. I hope you always find someone good by your side.

Hugs: To the two delivery guys from the Brick, who brought our new bed and took care of the old one for us. Very nice guys indeed, no messing around with these guys, all business and so polite! Thank you so much to the Brick, Cranbrook and their staff.

Hugs: Thank you to Zack Loucks our salesman at the Brick Cranbrook. You made our shopping experience a real pleasure. We purchased a box spring and mattress and protector and Zack was very helpful, during this process. He also told us to expect delivery on July 3rd and it was here on time. Thank you again Zack !

Hugs: Big Hugs to Stewart and Sons Drywall for doing a great job fixing my basement ceilings. Thanks Stew!

Hugs: To Hot Shots Cafe for the best Thai curry bowl in town and area

Hugs: To The Daily Townsman for delivering my Thursday paper on a Thursday, it came pretty late but it came. Thank you. I hope you got all the kinks out and this timely delivery will only get better each week. I look forward to my tomorrow paper arriving on time.

Slugs: Wonder why Cranbrook has the highest gas prices in the interior of B.C.? Even prices in Yahk are lower and that same product is transported through our town. Would be nice if our community leaders would get involved with the oil companies (or maybe they are) to see why we are being gouged.

Slugs: To the deer who keeps nibbling the tips of my tomato plants. How do you do it, with all that chicken wire I got wrapped around them. But hugs to your delightful little fawns, who bound away in such panic. Don’t worry, wee sleekit cow’rin’ timorous beasties. Tha need nae start away so hasty, wi’ bickerin’ brattle. I would be lathe to run and chase thee, wi’ murderin’ prattle! (Robbie Burns)

Hugs: To Van Horne Towing for being willing to help us out on Sunday when we were stranded outside Yahk.

Slugs: I drive from Mayook to Cranbrook and back every day at speed limit, and every single day I get passed at least three times in a no-passing zone. Every single day! Slugs, slugs, slugs!

Slugs: To the motorcyclists that rip up and down residential streets all through the evening making tons of noise! I wish you had a quieter vehicle — it scares my dog out of her mind.

Hugs: To my neighbour for building my fence. All I had to do was pay, he did all the work.

Hugs: To Dr. “A” for being willing to do house calls for elderly appointments. It makes such a huge difference.

Hugs: To the organizers of the Summer Sounds Concert Series, every Saturday in Rotary Park in Cranbrook.

Hugs: To the friendly staff at numerous small businesses in our downtown core, who were so welcoming to a young overseas visitor. You made such a fine impression that will be carried back home to Oz!

Slugs: To the inconsiderate (and seemingly oblivious?) dog owners who refused to heel or leash their free ranging large dogs and allowed them to rush at oncoming walkers on the trails within city limits.

Hugs: To the majority of considerate dog owners who ARE in control of their canine friends, wherever they roam.

Belated hugs and congratulations to ALL the Mt. Baker grads, with a special shout out to the St. Mary’s School alumni. Whether or not you received an award, you deserve recognition for achieving this significant goal. May your futures be bright, happy and fulfilling!

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