HST hangups

Ladysmith letter to the editor



When the HST was thrown at us last year, I was angry, confused and also curious.  After checking the list of items with the added tax that would affect my family, I just shook my head.


You know, one of the hardest ones to grasp was the tax on fruit trees and tomato plants.  We can’t even grow our own food without an added tax!


Over the past year, I’ve kept a scrapbook of news editorials and comments from the people of B.C. relating to the “hated” sales tax  (these were mostly from one news source — so across the province I presume there are a hundred/thousand fold more comments) Most of these are negative.

This is an imposed tax, that was promised NOT to be implemented, and because of the deceitful actions of the current government (on various issues) a good portion of BC residents have turned against the HST.


Now we are threatened ( I don’t know what else to call it) that it will cost so much more to return to the PST and this will further burden the B.C. taxpayer.  Ummm, have all records been destroyed that show how PST works?  The latest budget shows some creative bookkeeping.  Couldn’t the finance minister put some of this creativity into finding solutions for this issue?


In the news this past year, there have been many doom and gloom stories about the financial problems around the world.  My goodness, Greece – one of the seats of civilization – is broke.  Ireland is under the crunch.  Strife in the Middle East and North African countries due to deceit and greed of the leaders.


We can’t begin to compare our HST fight to the problems faced by these other nations but that shouldn’t mean we can’t stand up to what we perceive as an inequality in the cost of living here at home.


The feds gave BC $1.6 billion to implement the HST.  Revenue since last July was $4.176 billion?  Surely our donation wasn’t spent in one year.  If so — WHERE?  The people need to see a breakdown of that $1.6 billion expenditure.  I’m almost afraid to ask — but did any of it go toward paying the Olympic party bill?


One last note of concern is the way the HST referendum voting package was presented to us.  Would voting new citizens and even some elderly really understand this process?  I don’t think so!  Questions to Elections BC:

If a valid voter didn’t receive a voting package in time to submit, will this invalidate the results?

Will Elections BC tell us how many votes are rejected (ie wrong marking or wrong use of envelopes)?

Why did some people receive two packages?

Why did some people receive none?


Immediately after the postal strike, my husband received his HST package.  I waited another four days or so and then phoned Elections BC on July 12th and was assured a package would be in the mail.  Not here yet!  Phoned them again July 21 (as the 22nd is the deadline for taking calls) and was assured a package would be in the mail.  Will I get one in time?


Lynne DeLucia



Ladysmith Chronicle