How do you feel about council’s decision to allow up to three medical cannabis dispensaries to open on Birch Avenue in 100 Mile House?

Susan DeGraaf

100 Mile House

“It’s fine. I think it’s helpful and people will sell more of their baking at the Farmer’s Market with dispensaries nearby. I think it’s great for people with medical issues.”

Rob Ekins


“Not three on one street. One would be plenty, three seems like overkill.”

Jennifer Beveridge

100 Mile House

“I’m okay with it. So many people use it, so I think it will be safer for them than going to do it illegally. “

Kimberly Burgess

100 Mile House

“That’s wonderful. Lots of people are in pain. Edibles and other alternatives are much needed because some people don’t like the smell and taste of marijuana. Alternatives like CBD can really help.”

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