Hospice House Society gives assets to those who provide comfort

Feasibility study shows not enough population to support stand-alone hospice facility

Editor, The Times:

The board of directors and the members of the North Thompson Valley Hospice House Society have moved to dissolve the society because we have achieved what we set out to accomplish.

Our goal was to see if it was possible to establish a stand-alone hospice facility in the North Thompson Valley.

We raised some funds and commissioned a feasibility study to determine if this was a possibility.

The study prepared by Lions Gate Consulting determined that we did not have the population to support such a building even though it would be wonderful to have.

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The society has been left with approximately $27,000 to disperse. The Barriere Hospice Society has received 25 percent of this and the Clearwater Hospice Society has received 75 percent of it with the proviso that it be used for material items that will benefit people requiring hospice care.

All the communities in this valley have been very supportive and we are grateful for this help and for the funds you have helped us to raise. The gratitude of the society goes out to you all.

North Thompson Valley

Hospice House Society

Editor’s Note: As explained in the letter, North Thompson Valley Hospice House Society was formed to establish a hospice facility in the Valley. The hospice societies in Barriere and Clearwater that are receiving the society’s assets provide aid and comfort to the terminally ill and their families using existing facilities.

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