Hospice cash not so generous

Dear editor,

The local papers have given much publicity and praise to our M.L.A. Don MacRae because the provincial government has provided $250,000  for hospice beds at the local hospital. Yes, it’s nice that the money was provided. Question: Does Mr. MacRae and his party deserve such lavish praise?  In my opinion, no. You see the provincial government has spent a great deal more money on other things which were of no benefit to the sick and dying in this province.

Ms. Clark spent $11 million on a Bollywood extravaganza in Vancouver prior to the last provincial election.

Just think of what that money could have done for the dying taxpaying people of this province.

Just $1 million could have paid for 16 hospice beds at our local hospital.  If the whole $11 million had been spent on hospice beds in this province the dying and their families might be able to face it with some dignity instead of having to die on a four-bed ward, surrounded by strangers coming and going.

The film industry in B.C. receives $284 million a year in tax rebates and the mining industry has almost a billion dollars coming in rebates.

It is suggested the $250,000 is just a drop in the bucket. It bought the Liberals more free press than if  they had to pay for that much ink.

The $250,000 was needed, but it isn’t a generous amount. More is spent by the Premier and her aides just travelling to other countries every few months.

More money needs to be spent on the dying taxpaying citizens of this province and any politician who can stand up in public and pretend that $250,000 is a generous “gift” is a better actor than Sean Penn.

E. A. Foster



Comox Valley Record