HORNER’S CORNER: Have a good cry and then shake it off

The result may be depressing, but there's work that needs to be done

Are you done? Feel better? Here. Take this. Dry your eyes.

No, seriously, quit blubbering. There’s work to do.

Besides, the election wasn’t all that important in the grand scheme of things — the really big picture.

We still remain a species that is racing at full speed towards the cliff of not only our extinction, but that of  most higher life forms on the planet. We were given the choice in this election between one party with its foot planted firmly on the accelerator and another that wanted to put a feather-light foot on the brake.

Voters opted to put the pedal to the metal and that’s neither unusual nor surprising. Major change — the type of change that’s going to be needed if humanity is to survive — isn’t going to be easy or popular.

Indeed, dare I suggest it would be impossible to  get people to vote for the interests of their grandchildren when it conflicts with their own interests. That’s just not how people work.

Realistically, Adrian Dix gently caressing the brake pedal wasn’t going to really make that much difference to the global warming apocalypse that’s just down the road.

That said, I have no doubt that we are now going to get a pipeline to transport Alberta tar to China and that means pretty much the end of any hopes of keeping the global temperature rise below two degrees Celsius. I know Ms. Clark says there are iron-clad conditions attached to her support for the pipeline, but I wouldn’t trust her farther than I could throw her with both hands tied behind my back.

So when the pipeline gets the green light — under whatever guise she uses to give it the go-ahead — we are going to have some tough decisions to make.

In my eyes, global warming is likely to cause the impoverishment and possible death of my son — as well as the sons, daughters, granddaughters and grandsons of not just NDP or Green supporters, but Liberals and Conservatives as well.

Call me shrill if you like, but I honestly believe that — and science appears to back me.

Science Mr. Harper — look it up.

Logically then, as a caring parent and ethical human being who cares about the future of not just myself but of others, I have to consider what needs to be done to stop this pipeline from ever reaching the coast. I’m not talking about protesting about it or complaining about it. We need to stop it cold.

So yeah, we’ll be hooped on the pipeline, the ferries and who knows what else once the new government gets its feet under it, but we should be used to that by now. What determines character is not how one avoids trouble, but how one reacts when it arrives.

Besides, it’s not all bad news. Now that he’s free from the responsibility of sitting in the legislature, Barry Avis is free to run again for a seat on Qualicum Beach council.

Word has it that he may very well do just that and if he does, I predict he will win by a wide margin.


In that case, maybe Qualicum Beach can get a council that works at something more useful than trying to find something, anything with which to bash the mayor and staff in that community. Wouldn’t that be nice?



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