Horgan decisions poor on car insurance, forest industry

The only elected premier who does not travel out of province to create trade business


Horgan decisions poor on car insurance, forest industry

On June 1, 2017, John Horgan quoted, “I want to help. I want to be available at any time to work with the prime minister, to work with other provinces — to make sure that B.C.’s interests are well represented in Washington, D.C., and that we’re working hard to protect forestry jobs.” That was then.

Last week, the federal government led a delegation to Washington, D.C., along with the premiers of Ontario, Alberta, Quebec, Saskatchewan, and New Brunswick. All of these provinces produce substantial lumber exports, but without B.C. on board, the federal minister, responsible for Canada/U.S. trade relations, Christina Freeland, would not have the full backing of the whole team. John Horgan was absent on the delegation. That is today.

John Horgan will go down in the B.C. history records as the worst premier of B.C. Why? The only elected premier who does not travel out of province to create trade business to help out B.C. exports.

John Horgan says that his government will be bringing in no fault car insurance. That is, accident cases presently using a lawyer to settle a claim will no longer be allowed. His new policy is that all insurance claims will be settled with ICBC offices directly.

Does not apply to John Horgan, though. On April 14, 2020, Gordon Wilson will begin his court case against John Horgan, in regards to defamation. Gordon Wilson is asking for $5 million in settlement. The trial is to take 10 weeks.

John Horgan will be using a lawyer. John Horgan’s legal fees will be paid by the B.C. taxpayers. If Gordon Wilson is awarded his $5 million from the court, the $5 million will be paid for by the B.C. taxpayers, and all of Gordon Wilson’s legal fees will also have to be paid for by the B.C. taxpayers.

Nothing new, as John Horgan’s NDP government has spent mega dollars on legal fees in trying to stop pipelines, and past legal battles with Alberta. At the end, just wasted taxpayer dollars, as the NDP did not win one court case battle.

Since John Horgan becoming a minority government premier, not once has his government had NDP dinner fundraisers in B.C. Liberal MLA elected political ridings.

Now after two and a half years, the NDP are now beginning to have these fundraisers. This just tells us that John Horgan will be calling a provincial election this year.

Also, now that Andrew Weaver is no longer a member of the B.C. Green party John Horgan can no longer trust him, as Weaver now sits as a independent MLA.

Also, John Horgan cannot take chances of a new B.C. Green Party, leader, if that person is someone else than Sonia Furstenau.

Feb. 18, 2020 B.C. budget will be a provincial election budget. School is out in June, so John Horgan will have a B.C. provincial election in May of 2020.


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