Hope for the future

Beautiful Babies of 2019

A little over a year ago I wrote a letter for our paper about the future. It’s a future illustrated by the bright eyes and fresh faces of the many babies who were born in the past year. In this week’s edition we see quite a few of those born throughout 2019. Once again it gives us more to hope for and to work for.

Despite the furor over the Unist’ot’en-Coastal Gaslink face-off and so many other news stories our journalists covered this week, we’re proud to break from the conventional editorial in this space to celebrate the arrival of these babies to our community.

As we gathered the pictures and information about the newborns, it reminded me of my own family’s good fortune I remarked upon this time last year. The birth of my granddaughter rekindled in me a feeling of hope.

You know the feeling, that despite all that can appear wrong with our society and the world at large there are still babies being born to parents who love them, care for them and wish them a good, happy and long life.

Regardless of everything we see wrong, there is the hope and opportunity that more will go right.

We hope that we can show them how to be gracious and respectful, to be brave and willing to work and play well on the land and with all the others they will meet throughout their lives.

We’re not naïve in this wish. It comes from a desire to raise our families in a place of beauty, peace and invigorating activity.

So thank you, parents. Thank you for continuing to offer us all a reason to really look at what’s important today and also tomorrow.

– Grant Harris

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