Hodge: Luongo left hanging with no trade takers

The long-awaited trade…failed to actually take place by Wednesday, the NHL’s regular season trade deadline.

What comes around goes around, and in the case of the Vancouver Canucks and their enigma goaltender Roberto Luongo, it goes around and around and around…

The long-awaited trade that had been analyzed, debated and completed in the minds of thousands of hockey fans and sports writers failed to actually take place by Wednesday, the NHL’s regular season trade deadline.

After more than six months of debate, the Canucks did what they have become well known for when it comes to dealing with their star goaltender—nothing.

Around the league, other clubs traded away and collected goalies (and other players) deemed of significant value in the pursuit of the NHL’s version of the Holy Grail, however, the only move the Canucks made in search for the Stanley Cup was to pick up journeyman centre Derek Roy for a minor league young defenseman.

Hardly riveting and not a major move in the big picture.

Meanwhile, nothing was solved with the crowded and financially cumbersome goaltending situation in Canuckville where Luongo, a three-time Vezina trophy winner, has been sent to the bench in favour of Corey Schneider.

Seems the reason no one jumped on the chance to procure Luongo has something to do with dollars. He has a no-trade clause in his deal which has 10 years remaining on a 12-year contract that’s worth $64 million US.

Ironically, when Luongo was asked for his thoughts on what might have prevented the trade, he told reporters, “My contract sucks.”

Gee, ya think? It certainly did not seem to suck when you signed it two years ago, Lou.

It smacks of overstatement to suggest that such an asinine deal never should have taken place, but empathy is something I find hard to conjure when putting myself in Robert’s skates. Yup, if I had all that money and no longer needed to work every night for a living I’d be sad too.

The bottom line is the Canucks waited until way too long to make a deal for Luongo and now will eventually have to watch the talented puck stopper move along to another club and gain very little in return.

While a few heads should roll for this whole scenario, that won’t improve anything either.

The significant moves the Canucks needed to make (and have needed to make for two or three years now) never happened and so once again, short of a miracle turn around, we will not see the Stanley Cup arriving in B.C. for a long time.

And we mock the Maple Leafs?


I was quietly reminded yesterday that life truly is a journey—and one that often is much improved in its trek if accompanied by others who care.

In our partaking of that journey, we are often forced to choose directions and routes along the way.

Sometimes those choices are extremely difficult, or we are perhaps not armed with all of the information, knowledge, or know-how to make the best choice.

That’s where the love and help of others means a lot. It’s also where groups such as Pathways come in to play.

Pathways Abilities Society, in case you missed it, is the new tag line for a long time organization in Kelowna previously known as the Kelowna and District Society for Community Living.

The well known group released their new name and logo on Wednesday to the media and announced a fundraising and awareness campaign that is kicking off this week in town. Stay tuned for a lot more information on this group and its goals.

Formed in 1953 in Kelowna by a group of parents, teachers, doctors and concerned citizens to ensure the education and integration of mentally handicapped children, Pathways was originally known as Sunnyvale Centre.

Back in 1958, Sunnyvale had 13 students enrolled. Now, in 2013 (the group’s 60th anniversary) the organization serves more than 150 adults, 20 youth and one child with diverse abilities. I am proud to be a member of the board of directors for this great group of people.

For more information contact Charise Daley at 763-4837.


And here is a last minute suggestion about an event tonight. The charming group known as the Dharma Dolls (singers Judy Rose, Melina Moore and Tanya Lipscomb) will be performing their diverse musical talents tonight (Friday) at the Kelowna Community Theatre.  Concert starts at 8 p.m. and the show promises to be a lot of fun.

Meanwhile, bluegrass fans will want to plan on attending the upcoming concert featuring the Spinney Brothers on April 12 at the Creekside Theatre in Lake Country.


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