Hire more police officers to curb bullies

A reader says schools do not teach respect for the honest individual

Re: Cyberbullying response raises concerns in Sooke (News, March 13)

With all the time and money spent, why is bullying still a problem in the Sooke school district?

The reason? Schools do not teach respect for the honest individual.

B.C.’s school system tries to stop bullying by the collectivist approach of protecting special groups, but that is always behind – look at the Kick A Ginger Day for example, where many B.C. students did not ask why they should harm a redhead.

And B.C.’s approach won’t protect individuals such as Reena Virk, who was murdered by a known vicious bully that police and school officials had not curbed.

I challenge Sooke council and the Capital Regional District to increase funding for police, who can spend more time with troubled individuals, investigate reports, and initiate charges.

Keith Sketchley


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