Heroes & Zeros

The First Willow Point Beavers have so many people to thank

ZEROS – Earlier this year my family decided to honor our parents by purchasing a picnic table on the seawalk. Our family legacy started in 1939 and continues today. After paying $3,500 and months of anticipation we were shocked by the difference in the picnic table that was erected in honor of our parents in comparison to the picnic tables that dot the Seawalk. Just by looking at the difference between the two types of picnic tables, one has to wonder where all that money goes. It took me a few weeks to write this note to Heroes and Zeros. After taking the time of going to the city the day this occurred and asking for an explanation, I realized after being in the office there was going to be no satisfaction of any kind in the discussion and that nobody would  take responsibility for these actions. I had to leave the premises to collect myself. The damage was done and irreversible after initially seeing the table for the first time. The disappointment of that moment can not be rectified, even if the city was to refund the money, as offered, which was completely deflating. Zeros to the city administrators of this program for not informing us the reason for the difference in the picnic table and allowing us just to be shocked by the reality. To all who are considering this program, Please take note and inform yourselves. The legacy will continue regardless of the stain it’s left. – Rick Fulber Campbell River

HEROES – The First Willow Point Beavers have so many people to thank in this great community! First we would like to Thank the Campbell River Disc Golf Club for supplying us with the opportunity to sell hot dogs at their annual Ace Race Tournament. A huge thanks goes to Thrifty’s Foods for supplying us with the lunch to sell. It is nice to know that a large company is willing to help out even the smallest citizens. This year the Beavers got to attend the Build A Whale Demonstration through Discovery Passage Aquarium! Thank you Deb for making this age appropriate, it was fun and educational. Thank you to the Masons and the  Community Centre for helping us the lodging. Campbell River is such a great place to teach the young about community while exploring all our region has to offer. – Thanks you from Nicole Walker on beahlf of 1st Willow Point Beavers

HEROES – No more spiders!  Todd Dugas with Excel Pest Solutions is our hero for coming out to the Campbell River Air Cadets squadron hanger and spraying the building to rid us of spiders. On behalf of our Air cadets, staff and volunteers we would like to say a huge thank you for providing this complimentary service and ridding us of all those spiders! We truly appreciate the time that Todd took to come and provide this service to us. – Michelle Fontaine on behalf of Campbell River Air Cadets

ZEROS – B.C. Hydro for not replacing burnt out street lights in a timely fashion. I called the city works office on Sept. 10, to report a light that has been burnt out since August on my street only to be told that they can put in one request to B.C. Hydro for that light no matter how many calls they get. There is little they can do, it is totally up to B.C. Hydro. – Pat Masters, Grayson Road

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