Heat, lack of sleep, a recipe for crabbiness

Brenda is not enjoying the summer weather

I am just a little crabby. It would be rude to inflict this mood on you. What the heck. I am crabby so I will forge ahead. Why? It’s too hot. Two nights without much sleep because those big storms. Of course, the lack of sleep was accentuated by having to check on the old dogs. For the most part they were fine. The old female took off into the forest. The other two stayed in their beds.

I figured since I am already wide awake I might as well look at some TV. I had changed my life a little as far as TV is concerned. I looked at it as doing myself a favour. I no longer watch TV at night. I enjoy listening to my radio. I have managed to avoid listening to the lies from Trump. I could avoid most of the political junk from our own country. My evenings would be enjoyed with my animals. A walk along the shady trails would please me no end as I look at all the wild flowers and many young birds out bugging.

Tonight was too hot for all of us. Still I really don’t need to feel crabby. I have good things in my life. My brother and sister-in-law came to visit. I was happy to see both looking very well. They must be doing something right.

Last night friends dropped by with company from Germany. I know very little German, they do better with the English words. Best of all we can mostly figure out what we are saying. No need to be in a mood about that.

A very good friend just found out he is a diabetic. That is a big deal when a person is older. Says she who is overweight and, of course, crabby. I studied all I could about diabetes and decided why don’t I make sure I don’t suffer from that? From all I read I would no doubt be in a better mood if I get my blood sugar under control. I would think there is no reason we can’t help ourselves in some way as we age. Worth a try I figure.

Before I go I have to tell you about all the wild flowers. I found a big clump of very tall paintbrush. A very big area along the trails of spirea. Even found one flower of orange hawkweed, white scented bed straw, fireweed, white clover. Many white daisies, yarrow and a big patch of poor man’s orchids.

Now for heaven sake I have to leave this for now. I see lightning, hear thunder and even though I so much wanted to tell you I was in a better mood I have to say no. I will round up the dogs and the cat.

Happy or not you can email a note to me at mallory@bulkley.net or phone to 250-846-5095. I really won’t answer unless I am in the mood.

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