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Resident growing frustrated about having to wait for surgery

Federal and provincial governments are both claiming balanced budgets, but at what cost?

Social Services and education are both desperately in need of personnel and resources that have been cut in order to balance budgets.

On the health care scene, some people have been unable to find a general practitioner and have to go to walk-in clinics, and in specialist areas, there are very long waiting lists.

Judy Vandergucht recently wrote a letter to The Morning Star about awaiting knee surgery. She commented about Christy Clark spending money to fly to India, not mentioning cuts made in various services.

I, too, am awaiting a second knee surgery. Both knees were suffering from having no cartilage. After an 18 month wait, the first successful surgery was done November, 2013. The other knee has become  much worse and seems to affect my hips and other bone structures.

I was first told the waiting period had become 20 months, which could have meant surgery in September. I phoned hospital admitting and they told me not before December, if then. So that’s more than two years from the first surgery. They suggested I should go back to my doctor.

Both the surgeon and doctor told me there was nothing they could do, that I would just have to wait for the hospital to call. It’s a catch-22 situation. Any suggestions?

Pamela Jenkins



Vernon Morning Star

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