HAVE YOUR SAY: Selling and buying Fair Trade goods supports fairness and decency

Thank you to the businesses and groups in the Comox Valley who sell fair trade products.

Thank you to the businesses and groups in the Valley who sell fair trade products. And thanks to you who buy these goods — it is one way that we as consumers can make choices that have a positive impact on our world. By selling or buying Fair Trade, we are placing a value on fairness and decency to ensure the farmers and artisans behind these products get a better deal — and a better life for their families.The Grade 7 Leadership Class of École Robb Road would like to thank the following businesses for their sponsorship and support of the Grade 7 Talent Show, which was a fundraiser for their year end trip to Strathcona Park. These businesses include: Tim Horton’s, White Spot, Play N Trade, Walmart, Scrapbook Central and Tara School of Irish Dance. Your generosity is gratefully acknowledged.Many bouquets to Honorary Colonel Dave Mellin for his positive  military PR and great work in locating the Snowbird at the new visitor centre. Next time, Snowbird organizers, leave the F18 in Cold Lake — it’s eagle-nesting season on the peninsula.What a waste of $70,000 just for a study for a bridge site that we don’t need, and more so we cannot afford! Stop wasting money, Courtenay council.

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