HAVE YOUR SAY: Readers voice their thoughts and opinions


The John Howard Society of North Island would like to send a room full of roses to all of our family caregivers for welcoming youth into their homes and families!  You are an amazing group of caregivers and we appreciate your commitment to provide caring and nurturing homes for youth.

Well, my heart sank when I saw the plan for the old Lorne Hotel site. What an insult to the beautiful historic Lorne Hotel.  Looks like a done deal too.  I wonder who will make the most money from this development?  Looks like another empty monolith for the downtown core.  Can’t everyone see that there is an overabundance of living accommodation in the downtown core.  Lots of people live in the downtown core but they do not spend money in the shops. That is obvious from the numerous empty stores and buildings in downtown Comox.   Just look at the new building at the bottom of Church St.   Do we need another huge building that will house more empty stores?  So sad.  This is just a money grab and something similar to the Lorne would have been more appropriate.

When I exercise my dog I take along a baggy to collect the little treasures from her bowels, and on one occasion had a home owner tell me I was the first of 18 dog walkers to pick up my pooch’s business from in front of their yard. On our regular route I see countless mounds of doggy doo: large, small, long, short, strait, curly, solid, runny, dark and light – all shapes and sizes … in people’s yards, on the grass beside the sidewalk, and often, even on the sidewalk itself!  Hello?!!  There’s no such thing as a ‘turd fairy!’ Someone has to pick up the crap!  It won’t go away by itself, at least not in short order. And if it rains? It turns into a mushy mess no one should have to pick up! If you can remember to take your dog for a stroll, surely you can remember to bring a stool receptacle, and if you happen to forget on occasion, it’s still good for your health to repeat the route, with or without your canine, in order to collect the unwanted deposit.  If you can’t manage to repeat the walk for whatever reason, take your car, or at the very least, take an extra baggy next time and make sure you pick up the day old poop. Your dog’s bowel movement is no one’s responsibility but yours! I find it hard to imagine that any of you may actually believe it should be up to your neighbours to deal with the dumps accumulating on and in front of their property. Grab a brain…and a baggy!

Kudos to Barb Tribe for saying it like it is!  Glad to hear I’m not the only one who thinks the proposed building has  nothing to do with what was the Lorne Hotel.  The proposed building, in my opinion, is simply a massive structure developed to extract as much profit for the developers as possible.   Sort of reminds me of the edifice to bad taste sitting at the bottom of Church St., which went bankrupt.

Congratulations to the residents of Orchard Park who have eloquently spoken against the concept of a development of the Mack Laing home and property. The facts stand for themselves: it is a falling down building situated on parkland already accessible to all, in a residential neighbourhood not suitable for increased traffic flows, and would most likely become a cost burden to the taxpayers of Comox in terms of subsidies in the future. I walk there often and ponder that in its quiet serenity, therein is the beauty which Mack Laing appreciated. May Comox council remember that some things are best left as they are for all to enjoy in the same manner as Mack himself did. Let it be, leave it alone!

Big shiny white smiles to Dr. Kevin Jackson and staff for the quickest, cheapest and most painless dental ‘fix’ I’ve ever had,  And they were funny too, and that ain’t bad.  They quoted the work at 500 bucks, I paid 200 after we chucked the unneeded stuff.  OK, I’m no poet, relax and smile.

Suggestion for Courtenay council candidates. Numerous times in recent history we have seen taxpayers who were involved in a dispute with city hall and felt they were not being treated fairly or they were just being ignored or stonewalled get frustrated enough to go public in the local newspapers. The result almost always seems to be that the problem just seems to disappear and is never heard of again. The question is why is there not some sort of dispute settlement mechanism such as an independent ombudsman built into the municipal  system so that taxpayers do not have to go to such extremes to get a productive hearing with the administration. I would think that any candidate who made the establishment of such a service as part of their platform would become very popular with voters in this election.

The distracted driving laws confuse me. It is illegal to talk on my handheld cell phone, but OK to be distracted by a phone conversation, as long as you have a hands-free unit. I can tell you from experience that talking on a hands-free device is still a distraction: you are focused on the call, not the car  ahead of you. Also, you can’t change a radio station now, or that will cost you $167 and three points.  But I can not find any information anywhere that says it is illegal to EAT while driving. I have seen people driving down the highway using both hands to dine, presumably steering with their knees. Apparently that’s OK, just don’t dare change the music mid-bite.

I would like to thank the young man who helped me change my flat tire in the Superstore parking lot on Sunday. The weather was not very nice. Many others just shook their heads and walked past, even though I obviously did not know what I was doing. The young man with the Expos ball cap has been raised well. If he’s your son, be proud.


A bouquet of many more customers to Quality Foods who provided a delicious donation to our recent Volunteers Appreciation gathering. Valley businesses are indeed very generous, as our volunteers have noted.



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