HAVE YOUR SAY: October 2

A friend visiting from Victoria notes that we have a lot of water restrictions. No car washing. I say that I can wash my vehicle with less than 20 per cent  of the water used at commercial washes, which are stage 3 exempt. We both look at the neighbour’s green lawn and wet sidewalk. I say that stage 3 does not apply to large strata lots as they are still watering the road. He says we need universal metering. Unfortunately universal metering, surcharges will not change the way that BC Hydro schedules maintenance or draws down the reservoir. Our water supply depends on BC Hydro’s management systems. We use less than one per cent of the reservoir and gardens still need some water in September.

I wish to express a ‘Thank you’ to BC Parks for the trail improvements that have occurred over the past two years from Lake Helen McKenzie to Kaui Lake in Strathcona Park. It is so much easier now to walk this trail and it should facilitate hiking by so many others to enjoy the scenery. Long-term, it would be wonderful to see similar trail improvements from Kaui to Circlet Lake.

Kudos to the Kiwanis Club of Courtenay for once again supplying students at Courtenay Elementary School with much needed school supplies.  Kiwanis Club truly understands the need of children in lower income areas.  Your huge $500 donation towards play based learning toys is a welcome start to our new year.  Thank you from Courtenay Elementary School.

To the young man in the grey hoodie who decided to urinate on the sidewalk near the insurance office in the Crown Isle Mall on Friday, September 26th at 9:15 p.m. What was wrong with using the washrooms in any one of the open establishments at that time? Your indecent act in a public place shows that you have little respect for others. While I may have been the only person to observe your actions, I’m sure that your photo, along with the photo of your friends and the license plate of the vehicle you arrived in show up clearly in the malls surveillance video footage.  Perhaps if the authorities took a close look at said video, you could be charged with indecent exposure. I’m sure that your parents would be very proud.

A Super-Sized Thank you to Sue Finneron and the folks at Finneron Hyundai for hosting two car washes as Dawn to Dawn and Maple Pool United volunteers raised funds to send team member Christine Watson to the World Homeless Street Soccer Tournament as a member of Canada’s national team later this month.

Sunday night and Monday morning news gave extensive coverage to the pro-democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong. The Chinese government’s representative in Hong Kong had the police respond by using tear gas, pepper spray, batons and arrests. What the demonstrators wanted was the right to elect their own politicians, without the interference of China. Now in the midst of this, where is John Duncan, my Conservative MP and PM Stephen Harper? Harper was front and centre advocating for democracy in Ukraine. John, we really need to talk. your leader/our prime minister, Stephen Harper, seemed so big on democracy in Europe, yet when the people of Hong Kong want democracy all we get is this huge silence. Can we conclude, if you live in Hong kong you don’t deserve or need democracy? You’ve got China, Harper’s best new friend, and that 31 year trade deal. Let’s hear Harper support democracy in Hong Kong like he did in Ukraine and put as much energy into it as he did in Europe.

A bucket oF buttertarts goes to the unknown artist who comes by the store and draws fabulous cartoon characters on the eraser board. This brings a lot of big smiles to us and our customers! If I ever catch you… I’ll look the other way! P.S. There’s a pack of coloured markers in the blue drawer now.

Fall River Logging Ltd., has been an employer in the Comox Valley since 2010. During that time they have held their annual golf tourney. Many prizes for employees are donated and this year  the 41 staff elected to “pay it forward” to the Comox Valley Food Bank. The Food Bank was the recipient of their generous $940 cheque. We thank the employees for their generosity and that of the company for matching the employee donations. Thank you all for your thoughtfulness and generosity of spirit. Funds will go a long way in assisting those in need in the Comox Valley.

To all the people who think their scooters are meant to drive on the road, learn the rules. You are pedestrians and should be on the sidewalks!


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