Has Fletcher ignored the fact that our salmon are constitutionally protected?

Re: Voter’s Guide to Carbon Taxes (B.C. Views, Feb. 16).

To the editor;

Re: Voter’s Guide to Carbon Taxes (B.C. Views, Feb. 16).

So much cynicism. Looking at the history of Tom Fletcher’s “opinion” pieces, one merely sees attacks shored up with misinformation.

He has attacked First Nations’ legitimate concerns for their traditional territories and the potential impact of LNG projects on their most important food source, the salmon.

He has ignored the fact that those salmon are constitutionally protected.

He states that “even if you accept the propaganda that human-generated CO2 is the sole driver of climate change, when you look at a global context, none of this Canadian posturing matters a damn bit.”

According to former NASA scientist James Hansen, current rates of fossil fuel burning are equivalent to adding 400,000 atomic bombs per day 365 days a year.  How can this have no impact?

Does Fletcher think so little of Canada that he undermines any strides towards leadership in clean energy and a livable future?

But cynicism has its base. David Black, owner of Black Press, is an enthusiast of oil refineries in B.C.

B.C. is so much greater than this ugliness.  I won’t look to Fletcher for voting advice.

Dona Grace-Campbell

Kaslo, B.C.


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