Harper in league with big oil

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government has been caught spying on Brazil.

Much of the world was shocked to learn that President Barack Obama’s administration was caught spying on German Chancellor Angela Merkel. But now we find that Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government has been caught spying on Brazil.

Harper has only one vision for Canada and that’s exporting a junk crude called bitumen — by pipeline and supertankers — to emerging economies and that’s why we are spying on the Brazilians and, I believe, passing on the information to Big Oil.

When the International Energy Agency and the HSBC Bank and Deutsche Bank all agree that 80 per cent of the world’s oil and coal reserves must stay underground to avoid catastrophic climate destabilization, every citizen from all walks of life has a moral obligation to say no to these crazy pipeline projects.

Considering the power of Big Oil in Canadian political life, there seems to be no limit to what the Harper government will do to help their friends in the oil patch. They’ve muzzled scientists, gutted environmental laws, reneged on international climate commitments, labeled environmental critics as criminals and traitors, and have now been caught engaging in economic espionage.

Will he stop at nothing? Not Quite. After the pipelines, oil spills, coal ports, train derailments that immolate entire neighbourhoods, he will join with B.C. Premier Christie Clark to promote toxic fracking of LNG and the puzzling, shrinking world of LNG exports.

To date, Harper has centralized power in the PMO’s office; debased the role of Parliament; defunded environmental science; trashed most of the country’s significant environmental legislation and, I believe, lied extravagantly about the Senate scandal. He’s attacked environmentalists and First Nations and plans on targeting unions next.

I just hope that the good people of Vancouver Island have the courage to serve as Canada’s conscience in this important battle.

Stan Gauthier


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