Grand piano offers unique shopping experience

Shoppers to Langley store were very impressed with the musical offerings in the showroom.

Editor:  We had quite a different experience recently, in terms of retail shopping in Langley.

We went to The Wickertree, located on Langley Bypass, on Sunday, Nov. 10, looking for some indoor furtniture items.

To our surprise and delight, there was this massive grand piano in the middle of the showroom. They call it “Centre Court.”

A young girl was playing the piano, magnificently. Apparently, The Wickertree has local student pianists playing every Saturday and Sunday through the winter, all the way until spring.

What a fabulous concept.

We later found out that the girl who was playing was only 12 and was part of a sister act.

There are about six or eight pianists who will be rotating in playing the piano through the winter.

We would love to spread the word of our experience, so more folks can go and enjoy. Take it in and support local artists. The ambiance created by this live piano was special.

And yes, we did get our furniture.

Pauline and Phil Lefebure,


Langley Times