Government spending getting out of control

To the Editor,Re: RDN board needs to rein in costs, Letters, Feb. 19.I fully support and endorse the contents of this letter, which so clearly and concisely states the situation of the pervasive taxation to which we are subjected.I anticipate that in due course we shall be told of a small reduction in the increase, for which we shall be expected to feel grateful.Tax increases are published in the press, but do not paint the true picture for a large number of taxpayers, especially senior citizens. The basic and additional grants, when applied, increase the percentage bottom line by a substantial amount. For example, the bottom line increase in 2009 was 22.7 per cent, the bottom line increase in 2010 was 10.45 per cent. The increase in the taxes paid in 2010 over those paid in 2008 was 35.5 per cent.Who receives an income to accommodate this?John C. Martin   Nanaimo

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