Goose controls

I found the photograph of the human addling the eggs with the Canada goose parents violently reacting terribly upsetting.  The idea that geese are now a nuisance  might be true from a human perspective.

However, their over-population is due to the removal of their natural habitat and natural enemies.

They have learned to live in the false environment of the golf course or parks of our urban centres. Our human population has invaded their space and we now addle their eggs to reduce their population.

Perhaps it is time we reduced our population.

In terms of the local addling of eggs, I would suggest the birds be allowed one fertile egg to raise.

They line their nests so lovingly with down plucked from their own bodies, mate for life and are wonderful protective parents.  Surely we should honour this species that was in serious decline less than a century ago.

Holly Baxter,


Vernon Morning Star