Good Samaritans are alive and well in Colwood

One resident thanks the woman that came to her aid

My story begins not long ago when, in need of groceries I decided for the very first time, to try the short trip to our local Red Barn by foot rather than by car. Living on a limited disability income I need to save money on precious gas whenever possible. Although my mobility varies from day to day and hour to hour (due to Lyme Disease) I was optimistic and game for a new ‘challenge’.

I set off enthusiastically and arrived at the store some ten minutes later. So far so good. While in the store I happened upon a neighbour who kindly agreed to take my groceries home for me. I declined a lift as I wanted to continue my ‘mission’ and get home on my own steam.

Everything was going well until I started the rather arduous climb up Wishart Hill. I managed about a third of the way up, started to weave then collapsed on the sidewalk. I gained a few more feet by crawling on my hands and knees then ground to a paralytic halt, unable to move another inch. A few motorists whizzed by but I knew that eventually some kind soul would wonder why I was sitting on the ground and come to my rescue. And I was right. It wasn’t long before a lovely woman, driving downhill, stopped and asked me if I needed help? It was a very short distance to my home but I certainly wouldn’t have gotten there without Laura’s assistance. Despite the fact that she had a pressing engagement, Laura took the time to come to my aid.

This ‘expedition’ was a good lesson – I won’t be attempting another trip to the Barn by foot and I gained an even greater appreciation for the kind folk in our community. A public ‘thank you’ goes out to Laura!

Dar Churcher


Goldstream News Gazette