Getting sucked in by mind-numbing commercials on television

Brenda marvels at the barrage of advertising on cable TV

Getting sucked in by mind-numbing commercials on television

I am not watching as much TV as I once did. But as luck would have it I had sat down in my old beer parlour chair, grabbed my shoe horn, then turned on the TV. The plan was to put my shoes on but my mind was distracted by a set of commercials. Someone, I was told, had a bad itchy skin problem. Not to worry there is a cure for that. In a short time your skin will be as smooth as a babies backside.

Next. This commercial had a great solution for acid reflux. You could go out in public, eat the most frightful food, take a pill and eat away. The pill could cause nausea, constipation or severe headaches. Acid reflux would be gone. My question for you is, if you know the food does not like your body, why in heaven’s name are you eating that food?

Next there is a turkey who is trying to quit smoking. You know, like in cold turkey. Of course once more you must be careful because there can be side effects. Quite a turkey it was.

I sat longer than I wanted but I was fascinated by that time. One segment showed a family coming back from an outing to drop granny off at her house. She was walked to the steps. Everyone waved to her but I ask you how was she going to get up the steps? No railing!! I have no idea what that ad wanted me to buy..

I did get my shoes on but I returned to my TV watching place only to see more commercials. Did you know that on average for 1 hour of TV you will see 16 minutes of commercials? Really.

Another place where I was told to watch closely because there is a good deal for me. A man and wife chat over the barbecue. I gather they got a great deal on a telephone device. That’s just fine but can you explain to me how come I saw that same man with another women? Different commercial, different product. Have no idea what his game was.

Can you imagine how much your mind is crowded with commercial enticements if you were to watch an evening of TV? Of course you could find a commercial-free provider of your entertainment. I watch commercial-free TV such as PBS etc. If all else fails I listen to CBC radio at night. Scholarly debates, documentaries and music.

Maybe I should put my shoes on away from the TV. I am thinking watching TV and all those commercials just could be a bit mind-numbing.

As you may recall, I had to put my little dog down. We all miss the little tyke. The old dogs felt great sadness. I bought each dog a big meaty bone. The old female took her bone to the grave , set it down and waited in the pouring rain. Amazing to see a dog exude such deep sympathy.

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