Gen Z camouflage

Writer wonders if getting along is an attribute or a forced situation for NDP government.

In response to Doug Donaldson’s message Jan. 2, 2019:

Happy New Year Doug.

All that Gen Z stuff was great camouflage and a nice lead-in to the topics of your message. The environment and political co-operation. I’d like to ask you a question; if the NDP had elected 50 members in the last election, would you have been in such a co-operative mood? Would you have signed any kind of co-operation agreement with the Greens? Would you have provided them with the resources of an official party given that they did not meet that threshold? I think not.

You speak about the ‘polarization of politics’, ‘bucking the trend’ and ‘reaching resolution’ on many topics. I’m thinking that without the gun the Greens have to your collective heads you wouldn’t give them the time of day or have I got it all wrong?

Ken Plumstead


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