Gas gouging

It's time for our local gas outlets to lower prices

Folks who are buying their regular gasoline in 100 Mile House are getting bilked, and we really have to put an end to it.

Drivers who fill their tanks with regular gasoline in 100 Mile House are paying – at the time this editorial is being written – either $119.9 per litre or $121.9 at the Super Save gas outlet.

First, we want to review how gasoline prices have skyrocketed in our community in the past couple of months.

A mere 70 days ago, we drove into our friendly neighbourhood gas stations only to discover regular gasoline had jumped up by 10 cents a litre.

In true Canadian non-confrontational fashion, we mumbled and grumbled a bit and dug deeper into our pockets to pay the extra for a tank of gas – to get to work, school and service centres and back home again.

Those of us who showed some gumption dared to ask why this increase was necessary. We were told a variety of stories, including instability in the Middle East, terrorism or shortages of gasoline.

We grumbled a bit louder, but we still dug deeper into our pockets

Then on June 3, Petro-Canada announced there was a gas shortage in the Western provinces due to the Fort McMurray fires and an unplanned shutdown of its Edmonton refinery.

People panicked and started raising the alarm on social media and spread the word – that it wouldn’t be long before there would be no gas available and that could last up to six weeks.

Regular gas prices jumped by 15 cents per litre – ouch!

A few rural gas outlets did run out briefly, but generally speaking filling up our vehicles wasn’t a problem.

However, it was a lot more expensive.

About a week later, Petro-Canada stated fuel trucks were rolling and there wouldn’t be a shortage after all.

Another week passed before gas prices at local outlets inched down a couple of cents a litre over a few weeks, but dealers did not lop off the 15 cents per litre increase, which occurred on the heels of the June 3 Petro-Canada announcement.

Then on July 5, there was a mini gas war in 100 Mile House.

Around 5 a.m., regular gas at Husky outlet was $119.9 per litre, while every other outlet was $121.9.

Later in the day, all of the gas stations – except Super Save – were down to $119.9 per litre.

While we can’t say the business owners were collaborating on the price of gas in town, they certainly do pay attention to the prices the other dealers are setting.

Meanwhile, 100 Mile House and area motorists are getting gouged when you look at the gas prices around us.

As of this writing, Williams Lake is at $115.9; Quesnel, $113.9; Prince George, $104.9; and Kamloops, $103.9.

Perhaps some letters to the editor might help put pressure on local gas outlets to get in line with the other communities.

Editor’s note: All gas stations (including Super Save) in 100 Mile House are now charging $119.9 per litre for regular gasoline.

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