Furstenau’s ideas big, costly, unrealistic

Here's another idea. Let's all emulate Trudeau and show up for work for one hour, five days a week.

Furstenau’s ideas big, costly, unrealistic

Re: Sonia Furstenau: “Now is the time to make changes for the better” (Citizen, May 21)

Like many politicians, Ms. Furstenau has big costly ideas and imagines taxpayers blindly accepting increase after increase, even increasing their own salaries.

Ms. Furstenau, the money for your ‘big ideas’, comes from our pockets in ever-increasing taxation. We don’t need socialist style government where politicians decide how to spend our hard-earned dollars. We need small, efficient government that realistically promotes heathy economy for employment, not large, top heavy bureaucracy where little gets done.

For example, the ongoing homeless crises; politicians have squandered millions on tents, park cleanup, free needles, safe houses, extra policing and buying hotels. Numerous boards with high salaries have spent millions on brochures to ‘end homelessness’ as multiple studies extend for years. This crisis is worsening, as politicians relocate the homeless in an undignified manner, lacking any viable solution. Repeatedly, citizens are infuriated as their rights are violated and their backyards become dangerous zones of crime and discarded needles. When politicians fail resolve the crisis of 1,800 homeless folks, how can we trust their ‘big ideas’ of planning to intervene in every aspect of our lives as Ms. Furstenau proposes?

Further, Ms. Furstenau suggestion of an idyllic (fantasy) four-day week will only benefit her fellow politicians and government workers. She is failing to consider how unrealistic this is for the majority with ‘real jobs’, such as professionals, skilled and unskilled workers. Does she imagine we are proletariats who labour as top officials reap our dollars.

Here’s another idea. Let’s all emulate Trudeau and show up for work for one hour, five days a week. Consider the disasters of Ms. Furstenau’s big socialist ideas that necessitates bigger bureaucracy, the Liberal trillion dollar deficit and Trudeau’s admiration of Chinese Communist dictators and shutting down parliament. When politicians ignore the will of citizens and lose touch with reality, the outcome is disastrous. However, change is on the horizon. Canadians can use their democratic right to elect an efficient, fiscally responsibility government that promotes heathy economy for employment, as well as a fresh, no nonsense approach to resolve the homeless crises in a dignified manner.

E. Gelb


Cowichan Valley Citizen