Forum a service to the community

This is a community service and is organized and conducted impartially.

Dear Editor:

In response to the letter from Alexander Thistlewood regarding the Nov. 4 All-Candidates forum in Summerland, I would direct him to the recent articles, press releases, advertisements, posters, and indeed, his personal question on our Facebook page, to clarify that the Summerland Chamber of Commerce is not the forum moderator.

In many communities throughout B.C., and in Summerland, the chamber of commerce is tasked with organizing all candidates meetings for elections at every level of government.

This is a community service and is organized and conducted impartially.  In Summerland we often partner with the Summerland Review to conduct these events.

The moderator, Mr. Wilfred Barranoik, is a business member of the Summerland Chamber of Commerce but does not sit on the board of directors.

He has been asked to moderate the forum because of his extensive experience in conducting public meetings.

Summerland residents are asked to submit their questions to the editor of the Summerland Review or to the chamber.

These questions will all be reviewed by the editor and the moderator.

If multiple questions come in regarding the same topic, those two individuals will choose a question that best addresses the issue.

With such a large number of candidates speaking on Nov. 4, it’s imperative that the meeting move quickly to cover as many issues of importance to Summerland residents as possible. An experienced moderator makes this possible.

Mr. Thistlewood has referenced the land recommendation in the Urban Growth Strategy report which, without question, is one of the important issues in our community. There are many others.

We hope to cover a lot of ground in the forum and invite the public to join us for an informative evening.

Arlene Fenrich,



Chamber of Commerce



Summerland Review