Mike Savage first came to Clearwater RCMP in 1991 as a constable and returned later as a corporal. After retiring in 2015 as a staff-sergeant he returned to Blackpool to live. He is active with Blackpool Fire Department and Clearwater and District Road Rescue.

Former RCMP staff-sergeant congratulates editor

I hope you enjoy retirement. We know you have earned it

Editor, The Times:

Re: “Times editor announces his retirement from paper,” May 3 issue.

I have known and had the pleasure of working with Keith McNeill, the editor of the Times who is now retiring, for over 25 years. Keith has been there to cover the stories that matter to everyone in Clearwater and the surrounding area.

Keith has always been a true professional. Keith asks the questions that need to asked and reports the matters in a fair and honest manner. The Times is losing a real journalist.

Keith has been there to cover all the major and not so major stories, good news and bad over the years. Fires, floods, wind storms, snow storms, car crashes, school events, parades and sporting events – Keith has been at them all.

Young and old know Keith and his camera. I saw Keith travel to and hike into places that most media would not venture. Keith has been an advocate for the community and the people getting our message out there for all to read.

Keith, I hope there is a training period for the new editor, Jamie Polmateer, as he will have big shoes to fill.

I hope you enjoy retirement. We know you have earned it. Congratulations, Keith.

Mike Savage, MOM (Member, Order of Merit of the Police Forces)

Retired S/Sgt RCMP

Deputy Chief, Blackpool Fire

Clearwater and District Road Rescue

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