Former patient questions clinic’s motives for ending Kilvert’s tenure

Former patient commends Kilvert's preventative approach to medicine, questions why the clinic chose to let her go.


It was with great disappointment and concern that I was notified of Dr. V. Kilvert’s removal from the Ladysmith Family Practice Clinic.

Dr. Kilvert provided me with excellent care in response to what the Duncan Internist told me was “catastrophic high blood pressure.”

I received immediate screening tests that found heart abnormalities in the ECG, damage to both my kidneys, and a significant and unusual “scar” on my lung, all previously unknown and undetected.

As the patient, this level of care presents as professional and aimed at identifying and treating the problem with immediacy.

This is first-rate preventative care.

My understanding is Dr. Kilvert is a business decision. She is a dollar problem.

I thought B.C. had a physician shortage.

It must be very difficult for the Clinic and medical professionals to have to scale back patient assessments. It costs money to screen in and out and obtain a diagnosis. I don’t abuse the system and so when I need it, this is the level of care I hope to receive. It appears the B.C. medical system is run like a business: dollars first, patients second. I was told an ultrasound of my heart would be available in three to four months. Overworked staff and great demands on the system are not good.

I greatly value all the medical and support staff at the Ladysmith Family Practice Clinic.

This letter is one of support for Dr. Kilvert. If she is only guilty of being an excellent preventative care physician, how can she be removed from the community?

Submitted with respect.

Christine Beryl



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