Former chief’s opinion doesn’t reflect nation’s


Clarification of Tsi Del Del community position on the Prosperity mine:


Clarification of Tsi Del Del community position on the Prosperity mine:

As chief of Tsi Del Del, I am writing to clarify the community’s position with regards to Taseko Mines Ltd.

Former Tsi Del Del Chief Ervin Charleyboy led our nation for many years. However, the comments he made in the recent article, “Former TNG Chief supports Taseko discussion,” does not reflect the position of the Tsilhqot’in Nation or the community of Tsi Del Del (Alexis Creek First Nation).

In a Tsi Del Del community meeting on Nov. 16, we had an open discussion about the new proposal with elders, community members, chief and council, and youth. The result of the meeting was an overwhelming support for our chief and council, the Tsilhqot’in chiefs, with the nation against this mine.

Taseko Mines Ltd.’s own statements indicate that “alternative two,” now resubmitted as the “new” Prosperity mine, would not save Teztan Biny.

The proximity of the lake to the open pit and the toxic discharge from the massive tailings pond into our sacred lake would ensure a slow death.

The company’s own VP said: “the lake and the deposit sit side by side. It is not possible to have one without the loss of the other.”

And the VP of engineering said: “over time the water quality in Fish Lake will become equivalent to the water quality in the pore water of the tailings facility.”

This is the wrong project, wrong place and poses an unacceptable threat to the environment.

We’d rather develop positive economic opportunities that do not endanger our fish stocks, wildlife, culture and way of life.

We also have aboriginal rights and title to this sacred Tsilhqot’in territory and we will not allow these to be infringed upon.

Chief Percy Guichon

Tsi Del Del

Williams Lake Tribune