Forget the track

Ditch the $7 million running track and bring in a roller rink

In regards to the proposal of a $7-million running track.

I propose we ditch the running track that only a limited number of people would utilize, and open our minds to  a roller rink that would bring in revenue year round and provide local families and individuals with a fun – affordable – green – healthy year round lifestyle  facility.

Nearly every household in Vernon and surrounding areas would be able to enjoy such a facility, as the ages using it would vary from 4 to 90.

Such a facility would add to our list of tourism revenue and promotion through roller derbies, etc.  Not to forget the added benefit of employment.

This facility would be more than a roller-rink. It would promote our young artists as well, through live bands and artwork throughout the building. Let our next major investment in our city infrastructure include a more diverse group of our citizens.

Kelley Bench, Vernon



Vernon Morning Star