Forget about it

HST referendum a lose-lose situation

Allow me to explain my position on the so-called harmonized sales tax referendum.

Firstly, I deeply disagree with the way how the HST was introduced in B.C.

However, I am not naive enough to think that voting against it now would make any difference, because if the provincial government needs more money, they will get more money; there are at least dozens of other ways they can get it from us.

Therefore for us B.C. taxpayers, this is a lose-lose situation.

In fact, the cost of reintroducing the old PST and GST now and returning $1.6 billion to Ottawa could be much higher than simply keeping the HST.

Consequently, I decided not to participate in this circus called the referendum, and I wish more British Columbia citizens would do the same.

This in effect allows the HST to stay, but making the referendum invalid by low voter participation we can at least demonstrate to the government our disgust with this whole silly affair.


Nathaniel Royko



Vernon Morning Star