For investment advice, follow the smart meter money trail

Dear editor,

Re. smart meters: In reply to the scientist from B.C. Hydro, maybe he is right, maybe not, but I did look up the “Code of Conduct” for all employees of B.C. Hydro and it clearly states that no employee or recent employee of B.C. Hydro can have any interest in any business that deals with B.C. Hydro.

I notice that many of the present and recent board of directors of B.C. Hydro are also stock holders of the “Corix” company (one Ms. Vickers even being on the board of directors of Corix). Is that possibly against the “Code of Conduct” for employees of B.C. Hydro, or does this not apply to the board of directors?

Before you run to your broker and buy Corix stock let me warn you that they are a “private” company and only sell stock to insiders and friends.

Something doesn’t smell right. Possibly a case for the Auditor General…oh I forgot: he got fired and sent off to Australia for mouthing off about Rich Coleman (then Forest Minister) giving his brother Steve Coleman (on the board of Western Forests) permission to take their land around Victoria and Sooke out of Tree Farm Status and sold to a developer. Now Rich Coleman is Minister of Energy. Coincidence?



Manny Meyer

Comox Valley


Comox Valley Record