Follow me ‘across the river’ for a better life

A Surrey high school student can't wait to get out of the city.

Re: City of Surrey –“The future lives here.”

My future doesn’t live in Surrey. In fact, finding a place to live outside of Surrey will be one of my first priorities after graduating early from secondary school in winter 2013.

There are simply more reasons to go than to stay. Choosing to live in an area of Vancouver, Burnaby or Richmond will allow me to live closer to everything I will need to maintain an affordable and productive lifestyle.

I regularly hear from friends who have taken this path.  They love their new homes for many reasons, like: closer/better employment opportunities, improved safety, and a better ability to get around by transit.

Surrey’s current growth planning strategies – i.e. the continued build-up of far-from-transit sprawl communities in Grandview Heights, Anniedale, Port Kells and other locations – can largely be blamed.

While wildlife habitats in forested areas are being destroyed for these communities, there are empty lots sitting in the middle of the urbanized, developed areas in Surrey. What about those?

I am confident that despite challenging population growth, the right planning decisions can be made towards the achievement of true livability in Surrey.  However, until those decisions are actually made and I see results, I would like to encourage young and aspiring students of this city looking to live sustainable, affordable and productive future lives to follow me “across the river.”

If Surrey wants to be known for its tagline “the future lives here” and become a place where families can truly come to live together while allowing for every individual’s goals and needs to be met, then the citizens will need reasons to stay.  They will need safe, complete and livable communities.

Daryl Dela Cruz

Surrey Now Leader

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