Flip-flop taints all of council


Re: Councillors lash out at city hall rethink, Sept. 12.


Re: Councillors lash out at city hall rethink, Sept. 12.

Did Coun. Bill Lawrence get his political training in Montreal, where back-room negotiations and decision-making games have happened routinely?

The relocation of White Rock council chambers to city-owned property – that would have accommodated wheelchairs and be more modern with technical equipment and the like – could have served taxpayers for the next decade.

What cost-benefit analysis and RFP (request for proposals) comparison have been done?

City manager Dan Bottrill confirmed extensive work has been undertaken, and contracts have been awarded for carpets, painting and electrical work.

I find it disconcerting that a friend/neighbour/business colleague was apparently approached by a councillor after the July 15 decision and several council discussions on relocation, and that Lawrence is proposing rental revenue on behalf of a specific firm – Prizebox Entertainment, an IT company with no apparent online presence.

Is there a behaviour pattern evolving, with Lawrence facilitating rental of the facility as a last attempt to block the relocation, with tacit support from the council allies? Where did this motion to flip-flop on a decision really come from?

Frankly, the ethics and process smells, and this is worthy of critics and review. The perception on the street is tainting all of council.

Pat Petrala, White Rock



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