Fish biologists must sign off first

run of river energy doesn't harm fish

To the editor:

Most people intuitively understand salmon can only swim up a river until they reach an impassable barrier, such as a steep waterfall.

Most people also have come to know that run-of-river hydro projects are built above natural salmon barriers, such as the aforementioned steep, impassable waterfalls.

Why, then, do some people continue to claim that run-of-river projects harm salmon when salmon and run-of-river projects don’t even come into close contact?

How does making such a claim contribute to an intelligent discussion of clean energy?

Fish biologists study potential run-of-river sites extensively to ensure that salmon, fish and other aquatic wildlife are not impacted. In fact, no project can proceed without their sign off.

So, here’s hoping future discussions about run-of-river projects will begin with facts not false claims.


Donald Leung



100 Mile House Free Press