Federal gov’t to take ‘God’ out of Remembrance Day

We were advised that the Government of Canada intends to remove any reference to God at all Remembrance Day ceremonies.

To the editor:

After serving my (our) country in the Armed Forces, as many others have, once again I attended the Remembrance Day ceremony Sunday morning at the Cenotaph.

The speaker advised us that the Government of Canada intends to remove any reference to God at all Remembrance Day ceremonies.

This reference has been a part of these ceremonies since the World Wars—how absolutely ridiculous it is to remove it now.

As Canadian citizens we have a right to speak our minds and let the government know what we think is right, as well, to practice our democratic freedoms that we are so fortune to have fought for and won, albeit with many thousands of lives lost in doing so. By letting them know, we are practicing our democratic rights, telling them how we feel about what should or should not be a part of this very important ceremony remembering the soldiers who so bravely gave their lives, also remembering the ones who are presently serving our country so that we can retain the freedoms that we value so much.

We should never forget how different our lives could be and the imminent loss of these freedoms that we presently possess if the people who served this country had not sacrificed their lives to keep us free.

We also mustn’t forget that we could have been and still could be governed by those who believe that God is not a part of anything to do with peace and peacekeeping.

It was suggested at the ceremony that we should all contact our federal MP, locally Ron Cannon in the Central Okanagan, to let him know how important it is to retain this reference in the ceremony that we so value.

Could you phone/write to your MP or send your concerns to everyone on your email list that you feel this Remembrance Day tradition should not be sacrificed, as just another freedom we are losing, all for the sake of being “politically correct” in reference to the mention of God and the Lord’s Prayer.

Our local MP’s email address is ron.cannan@parl.gc.ca.

Lest We Forget.

Dianne Tucker,


Kelowna Capital News

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