Entitled homeless

We all know that when we keep on giving, people by nature, become takers and next become “entitled.”

Thank you Brad Fraser (The NEWS, April  26) — you hit the nail on the head!

We all know that when we keep on giving, people by nature, become takers and next become “entitled.”

I used to love traveling to Victoria occasionally and did so many times from 2002 to about 2011 when I began to notice the street people on the corners and in front of stores asking for hand-outs.

I now avoid going like the plague and am embarrassed for the good people of Victoria who must put up with this total dereliction of duty and mandate by the mayor and her council.

This is a no thinking group to only put a Band-Aid on a very serious problem which is only getting worse by the day.

Please don’t follow Victoria’s sad and incompetent attempts to solve this increasing and actually disgusting take-over by malcontents and drug-abusers along with some very unstable and mentally-ill people. We have to do better.

This park possibility is only a tentative solution and is an insult to the decent and law-abiding citizens of Parksville, let alone the children and others who use this park.

One possible solution is that MLA Michelle Stillwell take another look at her mandate and instead of going after another Olympic medal, put her brain together to lead a committee to attack this problem where it belongs:

The government must wake up and realize that this situation will only worsen with Band-Aids applied… and yes, Parksville will no longer be known for its peace and tranquil living.

We must put money where our mouths lie and lead a coalition to lobby for and get the money to provide clinics, rehabs, institutions and people to help these poor souls get back on their feet to support themselves and consequently contribute to the community.

Think very carefully before this law goes into effect or our beautiful and unique area will turn into another possible disaster area — like Victoria.

Where can I sign this petition?

Marcie GauntlettNanoose Bay

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