Enough with the bad news

On-line stories don't accurately reflect Terrace, BC

Dear Sir:

As a long time Terrace resident, now living in Alberta, I have always been very proud to show my fellow co-workers here where I was born and raised.

Some of the pictures I show them are stunning (mountains, rivers, wildlife, and aerial views of the whole area are especially incredible). One thing I am not proud of showing off to them is The Terrace Standard. I used to enjoy coming to the online paper, but now, I really do not enjoy it as much mostly because of the attention you want to focus on the town troubles.

The online front page is always splashed with all of the incidents, vandalism, and just ridiculous goings on in Terrace, and I wonder if it be best these articles, or crime reports, be in a totally separate section of their own.

I mean, is this a way to sensationalize Terrace, or what is the actual purpose of making Terrace look ridiculous like this? It certainly doesn’t flatter Terrace.

Most of the incidents just seem ridiculous and really have no need to be included (in my opinion).

Some of the more serious ones, sure. Every town has its issues with drugs, alcohol, crime, etc., I just do not believe every single, minor problem needs to be put in print for the world to see, and to judge Terrace on.

Terrace looks like a place I would not want to visit if I was to just go by your online paper.

I know though that Terrace was an incredible place to be raised, and I treasure the people and the memories from there.

I visit the town every year as my family and a lot of my friends still live there.

Less garbage, more positives, please.

G Paulson,

Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta


Terrace Standard