Election sign issues pale in comparison

Editor: Tanya Tait’s letter (The Times,  April 22) regarding vandalism to election signs, her lament at this flouting of democracy, and her thanks to Mark Warawa’s team of supporters for “working in the rain, hail, and cold to repair and replace damaged signs to the best of their ability” rings slightly hollow.

These awful acts of savaging signage come with more recent campaigns, a sign of our times. Compare Langley signage savagery with Conservative conduct in Ottawa and which is worse?

Consider two Conservatives charged with breaking the law on campaign finance limits, the Bev Oda “not” affair, hiding of information about the cost of government programs and the government found in contempt of Parliament after a minister lied to a House of Commons committee (a reported first for any western democratic nation).  There’s more.

I wouldn’t brave our inclement weather to re-elect any party with this record, not on a sunny day.

Larri Woodrow,


Langley Times

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