Editorial: When it’s down to the wire, try shopping locally

Unless you’re one of those folks who loves the rush that comes with ticking those last few items off your list just as merchants are pulling the gates across their storefronts on Christmas Eve, we  don’t have to tell you that time is running out.

By now, those of us who don’t crave the spike in adrenaline that comes with deking and diving, bobbing and weaving through over-crowded aisles and who would prefer not to spend long, exhausting hours standing in one seemingly endless line after another at the cash register, are likely already far from the madding crowd.

We’re probably cozy at home, boxing and wrapping the thoughtfully chosen items we selected ages ago from well-stocked shelves.

Heck, we may even have our feet up, sipping a bit of hot chocolate or eggnog with annoyingling self-satisfied grins on our faces.

But, hey, there’s still a whole week to go. That’s plenty of time, and there’s no shame in being a last-minute shopper.

Our local merchants are depending on you, now.

Think about them this week while you’re on the hunt for the toy whatcha-ma-thingy that little Bobby has talked about non-stop for the past six months or for a sweater that’s just the right shade of green to make your lady’s eyes sparkle.

In an age when anyone can order anything from anywhere — and have it delivered to their door in a matter of days — it takes quite a leap of faith to open a business. That’s especially true in Langley, where the border into Big Box, USA, is just minutes away.

But the risk doesn’t end once the leap has been made — far from it. Business owners still have plenty of long hours and hard work to look forward to if they’re going to may a go of it. And when they do succeed, we all benefit.

Local businesses create employment for local people and, ideally, a fair chunk of the wages they pay will be spent locally.

So this week, if you think you can find what you’re looking for on the shelves of a local merchant, try to do so.

When they smile, wish you a Merry Christmas and thank you for your business, you’ll know they mean it.

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