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Editorial: There are compelling reasons to cast a ballot

Parties and leaders have something important to say, and so do we, if we take the time to vote

Parties say they’ve been listening to Canadians all campaign.

We can decide for ourselves if that’s been our experience – sometimes it feels like we’re being talked at, or talked down to; sometimes there’s been that droning sound of issues that don’t seem to hit close to home.

For the most part, we think candidates and leaders have not only had something to say, they’ve had something important to say. They’re willing to try to speak for us and lead discussion, decision-making and policy on things that will affect the places we live. That does include Nanaimo-Ladysmith, and it includes British Columbia, Canada and planet Earth.

One vote is a powerful thing when counted alongside those of others who want many of the same things we do.

In Nanaimo-Ladysmith we have nine names on the ballot. Only a few have a realistic chance to win under our first-past-the-post system, perhaps, but the way all the votes add up will decide not only our member of Parliament, but also the voice and sway he or she will have in a government that’s very much undetermined today.

There is a lot at stake – government and power, and it’s the people who empower the politicians. It’s up to each of us to decide which issues we care about, but chances are more of them might impact us – and those we care about – more than we think.

For those willing to make an informed and thoughtful choice, there are compelling reason to get out and vote.

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